Becoming more confident in photos!

Just one thing before I actually get into the blog post, I am not saying that I am at the pinnacle of confidence and that my photo posing/ picture taken abilities are amazing (obviously they aren’t). This blog post is all about how I became more confident in taking fashion pictures for my blog and also for my Instagram.

However, I do need to improve in some ways *cough* *cough* posing haha, because as you can probably tell, I do do the same type of pose quite a lot, which is either touching my hair, smiling or just looking away from the camera. These are basically my staple poses, and when you’re starting off there is nothing wrong with having a few go-to poses as it can make you feel a whole lot more confident in what you are doing. This is due to the fact, you already know what you are wanting to do, you don’t want to be standing there with literally no idea how you want to look in the photos. This leads onto my first tip, which is…

Learn your poses

This is basically just the point above but, hey ho. All I do is pose in front of my mirror in my bed room and I see what looks good in a certain outfit. Most of the time what looks flattering is standing on your tip toes (If you’re small like me) as this just extends your legs and makes you look a couple of inches taller. Or what you could do is just wear heels, simple aye? Also, if you have a photographer or aka a boyfriend, friend or mum who takes your photos for you, ask them to kneel down a bit and point the camera upwards as this gives the illusion that you look taller and as a result slimmer as well.

Wearing clothes you feel comfortable in

I feel like this is quite self-explanatory but, if you are wearing a short dress when you know yourself you don’t feel confident within it, it will show in the photos. I wouldn’t normally wear a skirt, like ever! That’s because they are normally too long and make me look quite stumpy. However, with this little gingham one, it shows off quite a lot of my legs, which as a result made me look a bit taller than if I was wearing a maxi skirt.

Learning to love your body

For me, this didn’t just happen, I had to do things to make me some-what “love” my body, I’m not quite there yet but, hopefully, soon I will be. I had to lose weight around my stomach and my face, I do have quite a slim frame everywhere else but, my weight gathers around my midsection. I also have stretch marks on my inner thigh and also cellulite (which I’m not bothered about at all). It was more the weight and how it made me feel in my photos. I’m not saying you have to lose weight to feel confident, I’m not saying that at all. But, everyone will have something they don’t like about themselves, sometimes it’s just learning to live with it and sometimes it’s doing something about it. Whatever fits for you I suppose!

I hope these tips may help you the way they helped me and if you have any other tips make sure to leave them down below, I would love to learn some new things myself! Thanks for reading.

Shirt – ASOS

Skirt – NewLook (Sale)

Shoes – Boohoo

Sunglasses – Boohoo



  • Food & Baker

    Great tips! Glad you’re feeling more confident!

    Jessica & James | /

  • Kate

    Thanks for sharing your tips! Your outfit is gorgeous, I love your sunglasses!

  • Jade Stuart

    Your photos are lovely, you look so confident in them! The one thing I definitely need to work on is my photos, especially the ones with me in them. Going to use your tips and hopefully I’ll start to improve. Great Post x

  • Fantastic post, Rachel! I am currently working on being more confident in full-body photos – I know my angles and poses for close ups that I take with my camera tripod, but having someone actually there taking your photo adds a whole new element of self-doubt for me, as I’m constantly thinking “what if they think I look silly?” or “maybe all these pictures will turn out rubbish!” Thank you for sharing your advice, I’ll be taking it onboard!

    Abbey 💕

  • I want to start doing outfit posts, so this is super helpful! Thank you for sharing!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  • Jude Rivers

    Great tips! Thank you!