Are we all Obsessed with our Phones?

Come on, you have to admit that our generation and even the older peeps are obsessed with their phones! I’ll happily stick my hands up and admit that I am 110% obsessed with my phone, I take it everywhere and if it happens to go flat I feel lost without it. Smart phones are now a part of us, we take them to the most meaningful and intimate experiences in our lives. We bring them to the bathroom (well I do), we keep near us when we sleep, we invited them to dinner, we keep our memories on them. The funny thing is I hardly ever ring people on my phone, why ring when you can text aye?

Nevertheless, our phones are taking over our lives, we miss some amazing moments because we are scrolling through twitter, or posting a video of a sunset on Snapchat and not actually witnessing it for our selves. We have an obsession to showcase that we are living an interesting life and to show that we are actually doing something, and not just sitting on the couch watching the telly.

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I do love the things I can do on my phone, it is a very handy piece of technology I think everyone can agree. You can keep in contact with people all over the world, keep all your photos/videos on one device and even use it as a debit card. Everything is on that one little device but, we should definitely try and monitor how much we use it throughout the day. Phones can cause you to be depressed, anti-social and sometimes quite rude to others. Sadly, myself I have walked into others while walking down the road, used my phone during tea time and have stopped a conversation mid through because I got a message. These are not great qualities I want to possess.

Regardless if you love or hate your phone it should always be protected and this phone case from All In Flavour is super cute and great for a birthday or a Christmas present. They have some lovely designs and I went with “Hey There, Cupcake” as I love the muted pink colour.

Thanks for reading and until next time x

  • This is so true! It is quite scary how our phones are taken literally EVERYWHERE with us. I wish would just leave in the bottom of my bag sometimes, I feel so much better even spending a few hours away from the thing haha! I have started reading on my commute to give me a bit of time where I’m not on it, it has made such a huge difference! Immy x

  • I agree, smartphones have become a massive part of our lives now. I love mine as I am autistic and it enables me to interact and socialise when I might not be able to without it. But I do think that sometimes I could do with putting it down for a while and just letting myself ‘be’.

  • It’s so hard to stop and put the phone down! I love that case, too.


  • You know what, recently (over the past 6 months or so) I have become so detached from my phone to the point where it actually annoys me sometimes. I used to be a girl who would reply to a text immediately and constantly scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feed. Maybe it’s because I’m just more busy or maybe it’s becuase I’ve realised that spending all of your time on your phone is just so bad for you – you miss out on so many things in life & everything is just so virtual. I think that living in Paris definitely gave me new perspective on this as it was just such a beautiful city that I wanted to take it all in! I’ll agree with you though, I feel lost without it, especially for apps like city mapper! Haha! Have a lovely day xx

  • I’m obsessed with my phone. Heh ✌️ your phone case is so pretty!