Has Summer Gone Already? Transitioning into Autumn

Has summer already passed us? I mean it’s only August but, I’m already wearing jeans and leather jacket. Honestly, where did the summer sun go? I shouldn’t be too surprised it is England I’m talking about…

This just means that instead of wearing my summer clothes, I get to go back to my winter warmers ~ sort of ~ I’m not wearing a woolly jumper just yet, I’ll save that until the end of August. Instead, I went with a leather jacket and a trusty t-shirt which can literally never go wrong. T-shirts are a must for any season, especially for autumn when the weather can be a bit mixed matched and a T-shirt is something that can easily be layered on top of. This isn’t the most exciting outfit but, it’s trustworthy and just a casual look which can work on an everyday basis. I like wearing clothes that are realistic and not over the top just to take the dog for a walk, or to go to uni.

Other ways you can transition your summer look to autumn is by;

-Adding darker colours to your wardrobe

-Add some suede or leather boots

-Put tights underneath a dress

-Put a leather jacket over a summer dress

-Blazers are always the way to go!

All of these ways are going to take your summer look to autumn ready in no time! I hope you enjoyed this post and leave a comment on how you’re transitioning your look for autumn. Thanks for reading x