My Dream Office – My Wish List!

Office design


Who hasn’t stalked Pinterest for hours on end looking for the perfect board of things that we don’t even need? This is what I am best known for, scrolling through pages and pages of amazing looking houses that I one day inspire to have. Well, I am ready to put something in action. In a couple of months time, it will be my 21st Birthday and the one thing I wanted was an office (Bit of a strange present but bear with me). The room was my old bedroom which was just being used as a storage room so, I wanted to get some use out of it, and it could be a place for me to do my blogging and uni work.

This is why I am doing this blog post, I was looking around on the web to see what sort of design I wanted. I went from black and white to gold and white and now I am on pink, gold and white (I knew I would stick with white). Hopefully, I will stick with this theme now, as I have already bought the wallpaper! I have to say that everything I have chosen for this post is my literal dream, and I was surprised with H&M Home and how much of their stuff I actually liked. Within this post, I will show you some of the ideas for a desk and what goes with it, artwork and accessories.

office design

Obviously, I had to go with an Ikea desk, I mean my whole bedroom is from Ikea. If you need cheap furniture I would highly recommend Ikea. However, the chair, THE CHAIR is literally my favourite part of this whole post. On a whim, I googled pink and gold chair and to my surprise this beauty came up, to say the least, I was shook. They don’t just do pink and gold they do so many different colours, I mean it isn’t the most expensive chair but for £90 it isn’t considered cheap either. If I only get one thing from this post, I most definitely want that chair.

The accessories I want to accompany the desk would be a vase and a tray from H&M Home, the colour of that vase is perfection. I want to have some real flowers in my office, and I feel like little pink vase would be perfect for doing so. The little tray is just really cute, I would put pencil holders and little nick nacks on top, to add something else to the room. I have to have a lamp on my desk and this geometric one from Iconic lights would go perfectly with the rest of the room.

Shop Desk 

1)Chair – Cult Furniture 

2) Pink Tray – H&M Home 

3) Pink Vase – H&M Home  

4) Desk – Ikea 

5) Table Lamp – Iconic Lights



I’ve been stalking Desenio for weeks now, picking and choosing what art work I want behind my desk. I’m not too sure if these will be the only ones I chose but I definitely want these three for sure. I wanted to keep with the pink theme throughout the pictures, and I had to have some greenery with the cactus. I also had to have the ocean, if you didn’t know I live right next to the beach and it’s so relaxing to look at, so I wanted to represent something like that in the office. Lastly, there is the vacation mood on poster, and that just says everything about how I am feeling, GET ME ON HOLIDAY!

Shop Artwork 

1)Pink Plant – Desenio 

2) Pastel Beach – Desenio 

3) Vacation Mood On – Desenio

This part is based on the accessories you need to actually have an office, like pencils and notebooks. I chose the white and pink pencils because I had too! There’s also this set from Zazzle, which as you can see is a pink colour block notebook and mouse pad. I’m not too sure on the pencil holders yet, but these one from Etsy are super cute but, I’m still looking around on them at the moment.

Shop Accessories 

1)Colour Block Mouse Pad – Zazzle 

2) Colour Block Notebook – Zazzle

3) Pink and White Pencils – Etsy 

4) Mason Jar Pencil Holder – Etsy

I’m really looking forward to getting my office done and dusted, I’ve been looking around for quite a while now and hopefully, it will come together. If you have any other suggestions on what I should put in, make sure to leave a comment down below!

Till next time x

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  • Okay H&M Home is actually so so good… as is Zara home, have you ever been into one of their stores? Beautiful EVERYTHING!

  • Loved this! I am obsessed with Desenio but can’t bring myself to narrow it down to a few prints that I want as I love so many of them!

  • Serena Reidy

    Love this wishlist! The prints are so pretty!

  • Loving your picks! I hope you get the chair x

  • AnnieChanie

    Oh my gosh, I loved this post so much! I’m obsessed with interior design, furniture and room decor so I really enjoyed reading about your Wishlist! The colour theme for your office is the same as the colour scheme in my bedroom so this definitely gave me some good inspiration! Great post 🙂

  • I’m so in love with that chair! I cannot wait to have my own house to decorate haha! I’m excited enough by having a room in halls at uni!

  • Claire ☉

    I adore this collection – pink is such a beautiful colour! I think you can pick up some really lovely things from H&M home but I never really think of looking there when buying home bits – lovely post hun x

    Claire |

  • Eva

    That pink chair though! I’d like exactly the same but in white I think. I’m soooo desperate to re-decorate my room as it’s well overdue – my room is so childish and I just want it to reflect my style now! I absolutely love redecorating. Love your picks! x

  • Yes! You literally have my perfect aesthetic here – this is 100% my style. I love the pink and gold theme with that dash of green from that print. I love looked at office spaces on Pinterest too <3

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