Why Instagram Isn’t the Sh*t Anymore!

Don’t get me wrong, I used to love Instagram, I would post every day and actually be proud of the followers I would gain and the likes I would get. But, if you don’t live under a rock you would know that Instagram has changed its algorithm so it’s basically impossible to grow on it anymore.

This is not a great business move from Instagram from the consumer’s point of view, as so many people have given up on the social media platform as it is doing nothing for their business or brand. As a person who counts on social media to communicate with my readers and to get my work out there, I loved to post my pictures on Instagram and take the time to make it look reasonable. But, now I don’t personally see the point, I haven’t posted on my account for around 3 days and I haven’t lost any followers nor gained any either. You would normally expect to lose some because you haven’t posted in a while, this doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

I read blogs about “how to grow your Instagram” or “how to gain more loyal followers” and all the jazz but, none of these posts seem to help anymore. It’s all well and good saying that you should post during the most popular time of the day but, when your picture isn’t even getting shown on anyone’s feed for days, there is literally no point. That’s another thing, I follow some amazing people on Instagram who’s pictures I love, however, I never see them on my feed. This can be dishearting for my fellow bloggers as well.

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Nevertheless, I will more than likely never give up on it altogether, I do love insta stories over snapchat, and I do have some loyal followers who always like my pictures whenever I post. There are always some good things to come out of change, and that would be insta stories and the fact that businesses contact me to work with them through Instagram. This is the main platform where brands will reach out to collab with or send free products to try. Just like iDeal of Sweden who sent me one of their trendy phone cases, as you should always try and protect your phone.

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I really hoped you liked this blog post, and if you have any more luck with Instagram make sure to leave your tips down below!

Till next time x

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  • Omg I know what you mean… I never grow at all anymore! Ah well, I still enjoy posting cute pictures 😉 ahaha


  • Yup yup and more YUP! I have given up on building a following on Insta or having a nice theme, it just isn’t worth the effort! I just post what I feel like and if I only get a few likes, it isn’t the end of the world! The algorithm is just awful haha! I do enjoy Insta stories as well though, they’re nice for keeping up to date with the folks you don’t have on snapchat!

    Abbey 😘 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  • Chloe

    Hi, i enjoy insta stories, but dint het to see posts from peeps I follow now, so totally agree with you, such a shame.

  • Emma

    I’ve actually only recently joined instagram (I know behind the times) so I don’t know any different but I don’t use it too much anyway 💕

  • I’ve actually noticed a significant difference not only with my blog Instagram but with my personal Instagram. I don’t know if my friends are just flocking away to somewhere else or if everyone is just super busy, but even amongst my personal Insta, I don’t get nearly the type of engagement like I used to get. It’s like my life updates don’t even get seen by my friends. Then with my blog account, it’s been really hard to stay motivated. I think this is not good for the average person but also for brands and bloggers. My feeds are so weird that when I go on, the first few photos are maybe 3 days old because I just haven’t seen them. It’s all a bit weird but there’s gotta be a way to adjust!


  • Natonya M

    I’m new to Instagram (joined July 31) and I’m not gonna lie, I’m trying to get the point of it. After reading your post, I feel way more content about the platform and now I don’t have to try so hard. So disappointing that I’m not getting the benefit from it before the changes. Great post!

  • Amy 🌸

    I’m pretty new to instagram, only started mine recently but I see people saying this kind of stuff a lot! It makes me wonder what on earth they did to ruin it so much. It’s a shame as it sounds like it would have been so good before! Also, love the outfit in the pictures! Xx


  • I know exactly what you mean! I don’t use Instagram that much to promote my blog. I should do more. I really don’t have that many followers so I don’t beat myself up about gaining or losing.

    I have followed so many cool accounts recently… and then they get lost! It’s so frustrating right? What I do, I have created a ‘saved’ folder on my Insta with all the brilliant accounts. That way, when I feel uninspired I can easily find them and see what they have been up to. I double tap on so many of their pictures so they are higher up on my feed!

    But RIP to the chronological feed.

    Kara | http://www.karachelsie.com

  • Eva

    Ahhhhh girl. I just wrote a post on this last week. I still don’t really understand why instagram is determined to destroy itself. Like, I know it’s money motivated, but is it really worth destroying the user experience that much?! I’m honestly personally just waiting for a new app to come along because it’s getting ridiculous and its such a shame because I used to love the platform! x