The Must Have Autumnal Candles – £3.99 Each!

;B&M cinnamon sugared doughnut candle

We are now officially in autumn, YAY! That means, long nights, cosy blankets and lovely smelling candles. I mean that’s what autumn is about for me; sitting in front of the fire and reading a book, sounds great right? I am overly excited for this autumn, I think it is because we never really had a summer here in the UK this year. Hopefully, the autumn months will be better, and it’s also my birthday in November, that may have something to do with it as well haha.

The first autumnal thing I have bought this year was these two autumnal candles from B&M, they have slowly been taking over the internet for their cute packaging, amazing smells and their cheap prices. I have to admit, I am a sucker for anything rose gold. I mean what blogger isnt at the moment? So, when I saw these candles I knew they were for me. They are unbelievably cute and I love the fact that they have two wicks inside, means more smell for all!

There are some smells that scream autumn, like Ginger, mixed spices and most definitely for me, cinnamon! I fricken love cinnamon, I have it all year round but, its most definitely an autumn spice. That’s why I went with the cinnamon sugared doughnut because that sounds absolutely delicious, wish I had one right now! However, I wouldn’t actually say the candle smells like that exactly but, I can’t really complain about only £3.99. It does on other hand smell sweet and homely so, it’s still worth picking up. The other candle I went for was spiced pomegranate cider, and this one smells amazing! I’m not too sure if it smells like pomegranate or cider but, it smells literally incredible. I would say this one is my favourite, and the colour of it reminds of autumn as well, and it looks lovely lit.

If you are ever in B&M you should most definitely go and pick some of these candles up, they do so many other scents but, I can’t think of them the top of my head. What are some of your favourite autumnal smells? I would love to hear them down below!

Until next time x

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B&M Spiced pomegranate cider candle

B&M Autumnal Candles


  • LOVE autumn candles!! They all seem to smell amazing, wish I could smell through the screen right now😍😂

  • I LOVED these candles last year so I definitely think I need to visit B&M and some of the other similar stores to stock up for winter as I get through them super quick!

  • Chloe

    Oh what a bargain price for candles I want to try the cinnamon sugared doughnut one, perfect for the autumn.

  • Dee ☕️

    I need that cinnamon sugar donut candle!! Sounds so good.

    Dee //

  • Yesss, don’t we love autumn for its cosiness? And gosh, that cinnamon sugar doughnut candle sounds lovely! Think I may need to go hunt for it at my local B&M soon. Hehe. x Ain (

  • I would love to try the cinnamon sugar donut candle! These are great prices for candles!

  • How did i not know about these candles? i need to find a B&M store asap. they sound amazing!

    Vicky x | Vixella Beauty

  • Louisa Rowland

    Cinnamon sugar doughnut?! Oh my god!

    Louisa | Loubee Lou Blogs

  • I’m a sucker for anything rose-gold too haha
    And that spiced pomegranate cider one sounds amazing! I’m into all cider smells lol (a spiced apple cider one would really be great.)

  • Eva

    I’m not usually that into candles, but when autumn comes around I can’t resist them! All these scents are so perfect for the season too, the cinnamon sugared doughnut one is calling my name! Such good prices too! x

  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    The cinnamon one sounds like good stuff 🙂

  • The Sunday Mode

    These both look really good and they sounds like they smell amazing too. Spiced Pomegranate Cider sounds like it would be so nice!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode