Being In A Bloggers Rut…

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Who hasn’t been in a blogging rut? It is actually becoming quite a reoccurring occasion for me, and quite frankly I’m getting sick of it! Multiple occasions throughout my blogging life, I have sat in front of my keyboard for months on end with absolutely nothing to write, I literally can’t think of a single word to type. This is not a great place to be in when you blog for a hobby, and especially when you blog for your job.

More recently, its been that I’m not so much in a “rut” its more I don’t have time to think about blogging at all, as there are so many other things happening in my life.

Sometimes I think, is it just me? I read amazing blog posts all the time, from the same bloggers who pop out 3 blog posts a week without fail. They have new and exciting topics to speak about, and I’m in this bloggers hell, where I don’t have the time to do anything else other than my dissertation (which I may add is uni hell) and even when I have time I don’t have anything exciting to add to the blogging community.

This could be because of so many different things, which other bloggers may be able to relate too. Such as having a f*ck load of uni work to do, having a part/full-time job and adding on top of that, having some sort of a social life. I mean, this seems like an impossible job to juggle all of these tasks at once. I know I have been struggling so much and my blog has most definitely taken a back seat through it all.



petite fashion blogger

Is this really a terrible thing though? 

Obviously, some would say yes. As they are trying to get their blog noticed and are actually trying to make a career out of their blog or, they have already done so and depend on their blog for their income. Me on the other hand and plenty others aren’t in this position and are just blogging for fun and probably out of boredom (that’s why I started blogging in the first place). In that case, we get to “forget” about our blog from time to time and focus our attention on other important factors in our lives.

Could it actually be good for your blog to take a step back? I would say yes! It means you can get a whole new perspective on your blog. From the design, to your content and even your photography. I have already changed my design, and that actually didn’t do a whole lot for my creativeness. However, my content is something that I want to change up a bit, I went from a beauty reviewer to fashion posts overnight and now I want to merge them both together. I love fashion and I love beauty so why not speak about them both?

I don’t think I would have come to this conclusion if I didn’t get into this bloggers rut, and hopefully, this will give me a reason to blog again.

Has anyone else experienced a blogging rut? and how did you get out of yours? make sure to leave a comment downbelow!

Till next time x

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Petite fashion blogger



  • I think every blogger can relate to feeling like this at least once! I know I have felt like this on more than one occasion. It can be hard to get out of it and feel like it’s never ending too. I just try to put a perspective on it and give myself time to fall back into it. At the end of the day, if it is just a hobby, there shouldn’t be any pressure, but it is easier said that done to think that way x

    Lauren //

  • Rosie Urry (Wears Rosie)

    Juggling running a blog and a full time job is such hard work, I can definitely relate! If it’s any consolation I think your posts are great and you look fab! I love your bag in these pictures.

    Rosie |