The Insignificance of Numbers

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I am current; Turning 21 in 6 days, my weight is 7 Stone 3 pounds (give or take) and I have 4956 Instagram followers. But, why do we give these numbers such significance in our lives? We literally let these numbers define who we are and if we should be “happy” in life or not. I, quite frankly am getting sick of feeling this way and letting these petty numbers bring me down.

I’m pretty sure one of these numbers has brought you down in the past; you may have felt too old, too fat or you aren’t getting that many likes on that meme you just posted on Twitter. Whatever it may be, it has no relevance to who you are as a person, literally, none of these things should even come into a factor on whether you should feel happy about yourself.

Numbers Shouldn’t Define You! 

One of the main points I want to get across is numbers shouldn’t define you, and there is a very simple reason why, there will always be someone better, with better “numbers” who you will be comparing yourself too. I want to grow my Instagram because it feels like everyone else has 20,000 followers, I want to lose weight to look like other women, its never really for myself, I try and tell myself it is, but we all know the truth. We want other people to think we have our lives together, but most of the time we don’t and we are all getting controlled by these pathetic numbers.

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Petite fashion blogger

I’ve been blogging for a few years now, and I have nowhere near the amount of success as others, and I am 100% fine with that, I do this as a hobby for myself and whatever comes along from this is just a bonus to me. If I let all these numbers control my life I would never be happy again, I would always be thinking, what could I be doing better? and yeah, sometimes its great to think like this, to strive for better things but, there has to be a point where you just want to be happy instead. Also, in the blogging world, sometimes its better for a blogger to have a small following with loyal readers, than a large following with unloyal readers.

Sometimes its the perception we have of these numbers, which could really help change the way we think.

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  • This was a really interesting post, I loved reading it! x

  • Couldn’t agree more with this! It’s so easy to compare ourselves with people who blog full-time as opposed to as a hobby, when in reality the enjoyment we get out of it is so much more important. Also, I love your outfit in these photos 🙂

    maria (

  • This is a brilliant post – one I think a lot of people will resonate with. For me, the numbers in blogging DO mean something. But that’s okay too but it’s also okay if it doesn’t for someone else. As for weight, I’ve definitely learnt that dress size and scales mean absolutely nothig to me, don’t define me and have no reflection on my body xxx

  • another little birdie

    Firstly, I love your blog!! So beautiful. Second, this post is especially sweet and one that I can completely relate to as a small blogger. Keep it going, Rachel!! 🙂

    • PetiteObsession

      Aww thank you so much! Honestly sweet comments make my week!! Thank you for reading and commenting, it means a lot 😊