Is There Going to be a New Me in 2018?

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2018 is around the corner, and that means new year’s resolutions, gym memberships and “new year, new me” quotes going up on every social media site! I too fall victim to New Year fever, where I think I must change everything about myself by January and if I haven’t my whole year is over. But, do we really need to change ourselves and get disappointed when we set these unrealistic targets that we probably can’t reach? I mean I don’t want to do it this year…

With this being said, there is some good that can come out of New Year resolutions, especially if they are achievable. You can   get fitter, save money or plan more trips, whatever you want. But, you need to be nice to yourself in the process. You can’t keep bringing yourself down every time you don’t meet a “new year, new me” goal. This will ultimately make you hate yourself and be discouraged to carry on.

In 2018 am I actually going to change? I will set these goals and maybe I’ll achieve some, maybe none and thats okay. Sometimes the best thing to do is to stop and start again. 

Petite Fashion blogger - Petite Obsession

Pixil Petite T-shirt - Petite Obsession

So, what do I want to achieve in 2018? I want to get fitter, become more confident and to see more of the world. Are these really that hard to achieve? I can join a gym, eat healthier, save money to travel. These can’t be so hard? However, no one can predict what the future is going to hold and these goals may have to be put on hold while life sorts itself out. Not everything can always go to plan all the time, and when shit hits the fan you need to stay calm and remember to try again!

I just have to say I do absolutely love this t-shirt from Pixil Petite, and if you’re short like me you need it in your wardrobe!

Until next time x

Petite Fashion blogger - Petite Obsession


  • I love this shirt! I’m actually really going to try with my new year’s resolutions this year. I’ve never properly set some for myself.
    Aleeha xXx

  • I definitely see it more as ‘new year new goals’ rather than ‘new year new me’, wishing you the best of luck with yours for 2018! And that shirt is too cute!!

    Toni x