Treat Yourself This Christmas!

Petite Fashion Blogger wear new look Coat and hat

I recently tweeted a tweet that said, “Guess who went Christmas shopping and spent £50 on herself?” obviously accompanied with a gif of Hilary Duff. But, the point of my tweet was to show that I was being naught by spending money on myself while I was shopping for other people. However, the response I got from my fellow tweeters was something I wasn’t expecting. Nearly every single person said I deserved to treat myself, and I shouldn’t feel guilty about it. This never even entered my mind when I was shopping and when I posted the tweet. I feel like we all get judged for being selfish when we buy ourselves something expensive or when we even dare to spend a little bit of the money we have earnt on something what we really want. That’s why I have come up with this list on all the expensive products what I will buy (and products I aspire to buy) for Christmas for myself! I know Christmas is a time for giving but, why can’t that be to yourself?

I’m also thankful for Clive Christian who is partnering with me on this post, if you don’t know who this is, they sell some absolutely amazing perfumes and to one day own a Clive Christian Luxury Fragence Gift Set would be amazing! It’s a brand that I aspire to one day purchase for myself. While some of you lucky duckies may already be able too, I will write this list and dream!

Clive Christian Luxury Fragence Gift Set 

Obviously, I had to put a one of the most luxurious perfumes at the top of my list, I mean would it be me if I didn’t? I don’t know if you have seen a Clive Christina bottle but, Oh My God! They are a little piece of heave, and they look like they are worth a grand or two. If I could have one perfume right now, it would most definitely be a Clive Christian one.

Chloé Faye Shoulder Bag

I am obsession with Chloé at the minute and especially their bags! If I had a spare £1k laying around the first thing I would do this buy a Chloé Faye bag, and once I have it I would look at it every day. I love these bags, and if I could afford it, I most definitely would not be ashamed of buying myself one.

Petite Fashion Blogger wear new look Coat and hat

Gucci Jordaan Loafers 

If you have been living on Instagram, you’ll know that these bad boys have been everywhere this year, and for some reason I haven’t yet got my hands on a pair, I wonder why that is *cough* *cough* I’m a student *cough*. Well maybe one day, if you do have £500 to spend on a pair of shoes, I would say get the Gucci Loafer. They can we worn with some many different outfits, and I know they would look great in your closet, and also mine…

Apple Mac Pro 

Right now, all my technology is Apple, I have an iPhone, iPad and a MacBook but, the one thing I’m missing is a Mac Pro I think that would really look nice in my box room, don’t you reckon? I think it’ll be bigger than my room but, I really really want one! They just look amazing and the programmes you can use on it would be perfect for blogging (I’m not saying you need one to be a good blogger!).

Michael Kors Access Bradshaw Smartwatch 

If you haven’t seen the new Michael Kors smartwatch you need to know, go on, I’ll wait… Now you’re back, doesn’t it look amazing. This is probably more in my price range with the Clive Christian perfume but, definitely something I aspire to buy one day. Smartwatches are everywhere and I was lucky to get a Fitbit for my Birthday last year but, for a more going out watch the Michael Kors Access is where I would spend my money.

I really hoped this blog post has inspried you to spend some of your own hard earning money on yourself this year, because we do all deserve a little self love. And by the way, I am wearing the £50 I spent, which went on this lovely hat and coat from Newlook.

Newlook – Mink Faux Paddered Puffer Jacket 

Newlook – Cable Knit Bobble Beanie 

Until next time x

Petite Fashion Blogger wear new look Coat and hat


  • Maud 🎄

    Absolutely, I think you should treat yourself without feeling guilty. Awesome post with lovely ideas!

    • PetiteObsession

      Aww thank you! I feel like we should all spend a little money on ourselves x

  • Caroline Edwards

    These are great ideas! Loved reading your post!

    Feel free to check out my blog if you’d like!

  • I love your wishlist. It’s very ambitious and stylish. I filled mine with hair and beauty products. Check it out on my blog:My Christmas Wishlist