Has 2017 been kind to me? My thoughts on the year!

Petite fashion blogger wearing Shein Jumper - Petite Obsession

Let recap on the year, shall we? Trump became president, Brexit is in full swing (well, technically not at all) and we are on the brink of World War III! So, in the whole light of things maybe 2017 wasn’t the best year. But, throughout all this crap, some good things did actually happen. Prince Harry and Megan Markle got engaged, ALS have a new treatment and a new hippo was born! I mean I did have to google “Good things that happened in 2017” to remember these, so yeah, my conclusion is that 2017 was horrendous!!

But, if I’m talking about myself 2017 has been a good year! I went into my 3rd year of University, I went on my first ever holiday with my boyfriend on our own and my blog is doing better than ever. Honestly, I can’t really complain when it comes to 2017 nothing personally has gone wrong, however I would say it will be quite a forgettable year. I probably won’t look back and remember this year with fondness or hatred it’s just been an alright year!

However, as I’m feeling quite happy at the moment (may be from all the chocolate and coke I’ve just drank) I’m going to list all of my achievements from 2017, if I can actually remember anything!  I also want other people to list all their achievements, as I think it’s really important to remember the good and learn from the bad, I hope you enjoy!

– I upped my photography with my new camera, I got the Olympus Pen ELP-7 and the 45 mm lens

– I started to take fashion pictures, and this increased my confidence

– I went on holiday with my boyfriend

– I re-branded my blog, I am now Petite Obsession!!!

– I got my first ever paid sponsorship on my blog!! Unbelievable grateful

– I got connected with some amazing brands, who kindly gifted me some items

– I cut my hair (not really an achievement, but a big step for me!)

– I hit 4 years with my boyfriend!

– I hit 5K on Instagram, I have been trying to do this forever!!!

– I made a new twitter! And now I’m interacting with my followers and fellow bloggers

and the most important thing I want to take out of 2017 is that I learnt to stop caring about what other people think!

Petite fashion blogger wearing Shein Jumper - Petite Obsession

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Until next time x

Petite fashion blogger wearing Shein Jumper - Petite Obsession