How to deal with criticism

Petite fashion blogger - how to deal with criticism

Everyone at some point has been criticised in their life, and believe you me it isn’t a good feeling at all! Whether it’s from your family, friends, co-workers, boss or a teacher it is never nice to have someone say your work isn’t good enough. Just this week, I had some unbelievable negative comments back on a piece of work I did, and I must say I wasn’t best pleased. I felt like I went through the 4 steps of criticism (like the 5 stages of mourings but, for criticism) and I wanted to make this post to help others who may be going through a similar situation, or to make you laugh at my miss fortunes.

The “I don’t believe it” Phase

The very first thing what came to my mind when I saw the comments on my work was “I don’t believe this, I DON’T FUCKING BELIVE THIS!!”. I was in complete denial, I was sure it wasn’t my piece of work that these comments where about, it had to be a mistake, my work couldn’t have been this bad! Well, there was no mistake and they were definitely about my work, which was totally heart-breaking, especially when you put so much time and effort into something just for it to get slatted.

Cry, Cry and More Crying Phase

Ah yes, the crying phase! Not everyone will go through this stage but, I most defiantly did. For some reason, I literally couldn’t stop crying, it was devastating to me. This phase may not last that long, but I feel like it was necessary for me to reach the next phase…

Petite Fashion Blogger - how to deal with criticism

Petite Fashion Blogger - how to deal with criticism

Starting to Accept It Phase

After the complete denial and crying, it’s time to accept it. You may think that the criticism was unfair or unjustified, there is probably some truth behind what they said. This doesn’t mean you should give up, it just means that you have some fixing to do. From the comments I received, I applied it to my next piece of work and hopefully it will do me some good. I don’t want to fall into the same mistakes where I keep receiving the same negative comments all the time.

Not Letting it get you Down for Long Phase

After all the phases, you must start to get over it. This could be through talking to someone who can help, setting a step by step list of what you can do better next time or just taking a break. whatever you need to do, make sure you do it, you need to start a process of feeling okay again. I went to speak to someone who really helped me feel okay with the situation, and I felt so much better after the meeting. Or you could do some retail therapy, which is always a good plan as well!

Obviously, these aren’t the only steps of criticism, and these are just the ones that I happened to go through. Everyone is going to be different and will go through different emotions when being critiqued. Whatever feeling you have, it’s alright to feel that way and if you have taken it on the chin and not get offend then you probably don’t have anything to worry about. I don’t know if this post will help you out in anyway, or maybe it will just make you laugh, whichever it is, I hope you gain something from this post!

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Petite Fashion Blogger - how to deal with criticism


  • I am the worst person at receiving critism EVER, and best believe ill get all defensive and probably cry later on in the day! I definitely need to take this on board and start taking critism as a way to do better!

    Sarah | xx

    • PetiteObsession

      It has to be one of the worst things ever, I was literally saying “she’s wrong, she’s wrong” getting all defensive about my work 😂 and yeah that’s exactly what I’m doing myself, but I’m pretty sure all your work is great 😉 x

  • Kaiesha Stewart

    I spend a little too much time on the crying stage! It’s the best feeling though when you can get past it and move on.

    • PetiteObsession

      I can 100% relate aha, best thing is to get over it and learn from it! x