Are Oval Brushes Better Than A Beauty Sponge?

Oval Brushes review - Petite Obsession

I’m pretty sure you would have seen these oval type brushes floating around on the internet at some point, and I am 100% late to the band wagon. I personally didn’t think they would be as good as my trusty Real Techniques beauty sponge, as I use this every day and I couldn’t do my makeup without it but, I wanted to give them a go!

My Make-up Brush Set recently set me these oval brushes and it was safe to say I was excited to use them. Even though they sent me these products, they never said I had I do a blog post about them or that I have to feature them on my blog at all, so all of these opinions are 150% my own!

Getting the disclaimer out the way, let’s get onto the brushes! In the set that I was sent, there are 10 makeup brushes 5 bigger brushes, 3 skinner brushes and 2 what looks like eye brushes (that’s how I would use them anyways). Overall its a pretty good set and for the price of £17.64 you couldn’t really complain. Out of all the brushes, the ones that I would use regularly would be all of the bigger brushes and the bigger skinner one if that makes sense, on the picture its the  6th brush in.

Oval Brushes review - Petite ObsessionOval Brushes review - Petite Obsession

My First Impressions

These pictures were actually the first time I actually used these brushes, and I was very impressed. I couldn’t believe how fast my foundation went on, it was literally 50 seconds at most! Normally, when I use my real techniques beauty sponge it would normally take a couple of minutes to 5 minutes, and I thought that was quite quick. I wouldn’t actually say that it gave me anymore coverage that my sponge but, I did use a lot less product than I normally would have. This is just purely based on the fact that the sponge eats up some of your foundation and I personally don’t mind that. Another great thing is the sizes of the brushes, I find that they can be used for so many different things. especially the bigger ones can be used for nearly anything liquid

One thing I do want to point out is, that if you have drier skin like I do, these brushes may not be the best thing. The reason why I use a beauty sponge is because it gives me a little bit more hydration into my skin over a traditional makeup brush. The oval brush would fall into a traditional makeup brush for me, as it doesn’t give me the extra hydration I need.

Oval Brush vs Beauty Sponge

Has the oval brushes taken over from my beauty sponge? No, no it hasn’t! That doesn’t mean I don’t like the brushes because I most definitely do, but, my beauty sponge is my go to tool! However, if I am wearing a BB / CC cream I will definitely use these oval brushes because, they will give me more coverage than the sponge. Also, the littler ones would be great for cream contour, but I have not yet tried this out because I don’t have any cream contour at this moment in time.

If you do want to try the My Makeup Brush Set they kindly gave me a discount code for all my lovely readers, use PETITEEOBSESSION (with 2 e’s) to get 10% off your whole order!

Until Next Time x

Oval Brushes review - Petite Obsession

  • My beauty sponge is my most treasured tool so it would be hard to beat it and I loved this post because you mentioned both. I’ve not tried oval brushes yet but I do need to give them a go! These are just stunning.

    Jordanne ||

  • Sophie Wentworth

    I found this quite interesting because I hate the Beauty Blender! I use it for a couple of foundations that go on better with a sponge but I mostly use my trusty Zoeva brush. I do have quite dry skin so that put me off a tiny bit but I am interested in joining the bang wagon. I find the little ones so intriguing though, blows my mind when I see people use them with eyeshadow x


  • I’ve never used one of these brushes – I only have one beauty sponge (don’t know what brand it is) and I love that xxx