How To Work With Your Partner To Take KILLER Photos!

After seeing how these pictures came out, I decided to do a post on how you and your partner can work together to take KILLER photos! (I personally think these shots are KILLER, if you don’t that’s fine!) I had so much fun working with Ryan on these photos and I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks on how not to kill your boyfriend (Jokes, I do not condone violence, use your words people). 

Teach Them How To Use Your Camera

I feel the first step when working with someone who isn’t much into photography, or it may be someone who just hasn’t used your camera before, should be to teach them how to use it the way you like your photos. We all have our own tastes when it comes to photos, and getting your partner on board should be first priority.

But, there’s also the fact that you have to teach them how to use it as well. Don’t make it too complicated by using fancy photography words like “F-Stop” and “White Balance” (I just about know what these words mean) because you will just confuse them. This obviously won’t be beneficial when you’re trying to take some KILLER photos! Try and keep it as simple as possible, and teach them the basics, as long as the picture is in focus and isn’t too bright or dark, everything else can be fixed through editing.

Take Criticism Like a Champ

This may be a bit hypocritical of me because me and my boyfriend are so bad at taking criticism! This is something that we are definitely going to take on board ourselves. If my boyfriends tells me he doesn’t like the location I pick for a certain shot, I am not be too happy about it! However, most of the times he’s right, and we decide together on where we should shot the photos. It is all about team work, and even though its my blog and my photos I still want his imput and suggestions.

Do Tester Shots

I will most often than not, ask my boyfriend to stand where I’m going to and take some tester shots. This is so I know what the picture is going to look like, and if something needs changing, either the location or something on the camera I know before hand and not after I’ve taken 50 photos. This saves a lot of time and, it’s easier for your photography as well.

Take a Breather

You can get very stressed when taking photos, especially if it’s a bad photo day; this could be because it’s really windy, it’s about to rain, the lighting is awful or you hate the way your outfit looks in pictures, it can be quite hard not to take your frustration out on your partner. You may start shouting at them, telling them they are doing an awful job and both of you’s will get discouraged.  Lets try to not do this aye, be nice to each other! 

You’s are partners for a reason, and that’s to work together not against each other. For example, for these photos me and my boyfriend were actually nice to each other and my photos came out amazing, if I don’t say so myself! Saying some kind words like “you’re doing great” or “these pictures look amazing” can really go along way.

Trust Their Instincts

This is something that I’m going to be doing a lot more, mostly because of these photos. When we did this shot, Ryan decided on the location, where I should stand and what I should be doing and these are the best photos we have ever taken. So, its safe to say I can trust Ryan’s instincts when it comes to photography. This is because, they are the ones behind the camera, they can see what is looking good, and what may need changing. It’s always good to have another set of eyes helping you anyways.

I hope this posts helps you out in someway or another, until next time x

  • mollie

    Love this post such an interesting idea, all of your photos look absolutely amazing, I’m sending this to my boyfriend right this second! X

    • Aww thank you so much! And hopefully yous will find it helpful x

  • This is such a great post! If I ever need my photo taken I get my mum to do it, but it is quite difficult since she’s not the best at photography (she’s been getting better though)! I often get her to stand or sit where I’m going to be so I can show her what I want it to look like too! Will take some tips from this post for sure :)!

    L xo

    • Aww I’m glad these tips are helpful! And I’m sure your Mum will be amazing soon, just a lot of practice isn’t it x

  • Love this! I tend to get my mom to help me with mine haha! Can’t deny it, she is become quite the little pro now 🙂 Great post!

    • Aww that’s great! My mum can’t use a computer so I don’t think she’ll be too good at picture taking 😂 x

  • Veronika “V.” Lavickova

    I would also recommend to tell him to take a pictures of you even when you are just walking there and you are not ready. My bf does it and it always brings so many unexpectedly good snaps 🙂

    • That’s a really good idea! I always love the spontaneous pictures that people get, but the faces I pull on the daily are horrendous 😂😂 x

  • Alice Swain

    These are some brill tips! I’ve only just started wanting to put more shots of myself out there and my boyfriend has been a great help but he isn’t quite there yet, I’ll definitely be trying these out next time we shoot 🙂 great post!
    Alice Xx

    • Aww that’s great! Me and Ryan have been taking picture for a couple of months now, and I think we have finally mastered it x

  • I’ve started asking my husband to take a few photos. I’m definitely going to use a few of these tips!

    Tori |

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  • Morgan Miller

    Ahh this is actually so helpful! I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my camera but having someone else to take photos for me would be so good x

    • Yeah I like my photos being a certain way, so you could use a tripod, I do for some of my photos x

  • This post is so so perfect! I have tried to have my partner and friends to take pictures but it was never was I imagined it! Now I know what to do! xx corinne

    • I think it’s about practice aha, and if that person isn’t feeling it that day the pictures won’t come out that well, I’ve learnt that from experience 😂x

  • Eva

    These are such good tips! I’ve basically had to teach my mum, sister and a couple of my friends how to do photos for me, and I’m super impatient so that was a challenge from at first lol! Now I’ve realised I just need to be far more patient, they always pick it up in the end! x

    • Sometimes I get a bit bitchy when it comes to my photos 😂 especially when you have a certain idea in your head and it isn’t going right! x

  • Sophie Wentworth

    These are such great tips! I basically don’t have any photos of me just because I don’t know how to get someone else to take them so I’ll be sure to take this on board and rope someone into helping me out, so so so helpful! x


    • You could try using a tripod as well, I think I’ll do a post on that so there’s another option! I know sometimes I don’t want anyone else taking my picture so I use my tripod x

  • Evie

    These are really good tips for anyone that’s using a partner or a friend for their photography. This outfit is to die for I am so in love with your top and you are 100% right these photos are killer.

  • I think this is such a fun post and quite handy…I mean what’s the point of having a babe if they can’t capture some of your finest moments also lolol. I always do tester shots so people understand the angle I want or at least try. All your pics are quite fab! 🙂

    xx Lena |

    • Aww thanks for the comment hun! And I’m glad you found it handy, and yeah tester shots are a must for me! It also means a lot of pictures of my boyfriend on my camera I could probably fill a whole blog post just of him 😂 x

      • Loool aww shucks that’s super cute…and np hun! 🙂

  • Loved it!! Hahah it was fun reading this 🙌 It reminds me to me and my sister (she is the one who takes my pics).

  • Jamy Joy Sens

    Nice blog post babe!