Should Valentines Day Only Be One Day?

Okay so, Valentines day has just gone, you got given some chocolates and maybe some flowers, but what now? Should everything go back to the way it was or should we all try to embrace love on a daily basis?

I completely understand the reason for Valentines day, its meant to be a time where you and your partner can spend a day together while expressing the love you share. Especially in a world like ours, where everyone is busy either in work, on their phones or studying for up coming exams. So, yes I completely understand why we have valentines day, and why it should be a thing, and I don’t think it’s a money-making day, because there is nothing wrong with expressing your love for someone.

However, the world we live in sucks! We should make time for the people we love, and it shouldn’t just be on one day a year. Everyday should be valentines day! This doesn’t mean that you have to buy present’s or do something extraordinary, it just means that we should appreciate each other more, instead of spending our whole lives on our phones or working a deadend job.

If we all took a little bit of time out of our days to say I love you, or to cook you partner their favourite meal our relationships and lives would be so much happier. Spending everyday doing things that you hate, can really have an effect on our lives. This is not how I want to spend my life, being in a miserable job and being in an unhappy relationship. You do have to admit, sometimes in a relationship you can feel a bit unappreciated  and sometimes taken for granted, and that’s the whole point of valentines day, to make you remember how great your partner is, so why wouldn’t you want that person to know everyday?


Now you are probably thinking what does this have to do with these pictures? Well my friend, what you are looking at is this amazing personalised necklace from Ineffabless London. As you can see I do not my have my name on it, but my boyfriends and doesn’t it look super cute? When Ineffabless emailed me asking if I wanted a Name necklaces I instantly thought about this post, and how I wanted to show my appreciation to my boyfriend and whats a better of doing that through some Personalised jewellery. 

I love my boyfriend, and I wanted a reminder of him everyday and whenever I wear this I instantly think of him, and isn’t that a great feeling? Oh, and they do so many different designs and you can put anything you want on them, you could put your anniversary or a cute nickname, whatever you fancy.

So, Valentines day may be over but, I’m certianly going to carry the feeling on forever!

Until Next Time x