You’ve Already Worn That!?

Can Fashion Bloggers wear the same thing twice?

If you ask any fashion blogger what their main worry is, it’s definitely not having enough clothes and I can totally relate with this. It’s always on my mind when I’m planning a new blog post or when I’m taking pictures for Instagram. I’m constantly worrying about the money I have to spend for all the latest trends that seem to change every week and if you even dare to wear something from last season you are automatically no longer relevant. This has been a struggle of mine for a while, so I actually asked myself can fashion bloggers wear the same thing twice?

The Answer is YES!

Of course fashion bloggers can wear the same thing twice or as many times as they want. All the items in these pictures I have worn before, either in a blog post or on Instagram but could you really notice? No, of course not! That’s because  as a reader you don’t really take notice that much but, as the writer you notice and worry about everything. This is a very stressful way to live, its like a beauty blogger not using the same product twice, crazy right? You buy a foundation expecting to use it till it’s all gone, but when you buy a new top and only wear it once is just insane. You can spend the same amount of money on both but only one is acceptable? Well, this is about to change.

Can Fashion Bloggers wear the same thing twice? Can Fashion Bloggers wear the same thing twice?

Being able to express yourself is the main point of having a blog, you want to show others what you have and maybe inspire them while doing so. So, why does this mean I can’t wear the same jacket twice that I love, or a cozy jumper that keeps me warm in the winter? Doesn’t it showcase that you truly love an item if you wear it more than once in pictures? I like to think so.

However, when you are talking about fashion or beauty it is helpful to be able to keep up to date with the latest trends. This doesn’t mean you have to buy every single trendy piece there is. What I would do personally is have staple pieces that can be worn with any outfit, such as basic jumpers, a nice coat or easy to style shoes. Then, when a trend piece comes out you can go out and buy that item without having to buy a whole new outfit as well. This is easy on your wallet and also on your wardrobe space.

Another tip I would suggest is, invest in your staples and cheapout on the trends. This is purely because you are going to be wearing the staples a lot more and it really does make a difference to have sturdier pieces. Also with the trendy pieces you will probably just wear them once and they will never be looked at again, therefore if you only spend a little bit of money it won’t affect you as much.

I hope this answers the question, can fashion bloggers wear the same thing twice? Well in my case I certainly can and will be doing! Hope this post has helped and until next time x

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Can Fashion Bloggers wear the same thing twice?


  • Love this! There is that worry about wearing the same clothes over and over for posts, particularly fashion related posts. But you’re right, it shouldn’t matter what clothes you wear in posts, it’s about the content that counts! xx

    Lucy |

  • MentalHealthSupport

    I totally agree with this, as a fashion blogger you need to show that your clothes that you buy are actually wearable. That’s the whole point right? So definitely wear what you want, when you want!

  • Chloe

    Hi, its good to have staples that you can mix and match. So long as you are comfortable in what you are wearing that is all that matters.

  • I completely agree with you! I feel the same with patterned stuff more so! Finding ways to incorporate the same bold pieces is a task and a half!! 🌈✨❤️ A lovely read!

  • I agree! What’s the point in having clothing if you’re only going to wear it once? Mix it up a little and incorporate items into different outfits!

  • Oooh I love this post! And I agree with you! I always wear the same stuff more than once even on pictures ahah xx corinne

  • Sophie Wentworth

    I totally agree with what you said about investing in staples and buying cheaper trend items, that’s how I’ve been trying to buy my clothes for a while now. I totally get your point though, I don’t do fashion posts but I still worrying about featuring the same product too many times but it’s a challenge. If you use a beauty product almost daily it’s probably going to be on your mind more. I don’t know why we do it to ourselves! And those culottes are incredible, feel free to wear them forever x


  • Creative Nails

    Great post! It’s soo truuee! Surely you wearing it more then once just shows how great it actually is?! And I’m not sure what makes it such a bad thing anyway?! You don’t wear a piece of clothing once in your everyday clothes and then throw it away! It’s also great being able to mix things up and create new things with different pieces!


  • I definitely agree! Also wearing the same piece just gives us more ideas of how to style it!
    Aleeha xXx

  • Hahaah it’s true that’s a common question for a blogger😂 And yessss I recicle looks and some clothes